7-in-1 5.5 Litre Air Fryer, Grill and Multi-Cooker in 1colour
7-in-1 5.5 Litre Air Fryer, Grill and Multi-Cooker
    Consumer Verdict
    I love everything about this product especially how easy it is to clean and the size of it means I can cook everything in one pan!! I try to make EVERYTHING in this now! Highly recommend. LOLA
    Instant Hot Water Dispenser in 1colour
    Instant Hot Water Dispenser
      Consumer Verdict
      I like being able to have a hot drink in just a few seconds. Great hot water dispenser I like that its a simple on/off meaning that you can fill whatever size of cup/mug/teapot/saucepan etc with ease. The biggest plus is the amount of electricity it saves its great. WENDY
      Quiet Rapid Boil Kettle in 1colour
      Quiet Rapid Boil Kettle
        Consumer Verdict
        This kettle is great its so quiet compared to other kettles Ive purchased before it quickly boils and is very stylish. MRS KING
        Compact Health Grill in 1colour
        Compact Health Grill
        Consumer Verdict
        Looks great does the grilling. Also handy light to tell you when it's hot enough. Easy to use and clean. LINDA
        Letterbox Cheese Pack
          Consumer Verdict
          The presentation of these gifts is really nice! The packaging alone is impressive enough! And then inside is a cheese lovers heaven! The chutney was also really tasty! SUE
          Electric Standing Can Opener in 1colour
          Electric Standing Can Opener
            Consumer Verdict
            This product is very good quality and looks fantastic easy and straightforward to use. JANE
            Durastone Frying Pans - Set of 2 in 1colour
            Durastone Frying Pans - Set of 2
              Consumer Verdict
              Great quality pans. Cook food perfectly. highly recommend. A. JOHNSON
              Long-Wrist Oven Gloves in L/XL
              Long-Wrist Oven Gloves
              Consumer Verdict
              The gloves offer excellent protection to the hand and wrist especially when cooking has to be moved between oven shelves. No more accidental burns. SUE
              5-in-1 Kitchen Scissors in 1colour
              5-in-1 Kitchen Scissors
                Consumer Verdict
                Great tool for the kitchen. Works great. LOUISE