Sonic Denture Cleaner
    Consumer Verdict
    Impressive product. Easy to use and made quite a reasonable job of cleaning my old dentures. ALAN
    Sonic Jewellery Cleaner
      Consumer Verdict
      Bought on a whim for cleaning my wifes jewellery but I have since used it for loads of things: an old clogged fountain pen is good as new & my watches are gleaming - its an amazing little thing RON
      Sticky Off - Pack of 2
        Consumer Verdict
        Works great ANNA
        Cool Drop Toilet Deodoriser Odour Blocker - 3 bottles
          Consumer Verdict
          Great product! Works wonders NEIL
          Mattress Fresh Cleaner in 1colour
          Mattress Fresh Cleaner
            Consumer Verdict
            It works very well . Extremely pleased with it DEREK
            Multi-Cutter Tool in 1colour
            Multi-Cutter Tool
              Consumer Verdict
              Very lightweight. Easy to use cuts good as well KAITLYN B.
              Folding Laundry Basket in 1colour
              Folding Laundry Basket
                Consumer Verdict
                I love the design of this basket a real space saver. Its well made Ive been using this for some months now with no sign of wear and tear. JANE
                Riddex Pro Rodent Repeller
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Watch it help drive out pesky pests from your home in as little as 2 weeks MICHAEL MCCARTY
                  Mattress Clean in 1colour
                  Mattress Clean
                    Web Panel Verdict
                    Best-ever formulations with our 5-star approval
                    Rat and Mice Repellent - 2 x 500ml
                      Consumer Verdict
                      Deals with rodents Keith
                      Plug Mates in 1colour
                      Plug Mates

                      Plug Mates


                        Consumer Verdict
                        Makes pulling out a plug simple and pain-free very easy to fit. I can highly recommend this product GILLIAN SINGLETON
                        Fix-a-Fence - Pack of 20 in 1colour
                        Fix-a-Fence - Pack of 20
                          Consumer Verdict
                          Does exactly what it claims to do. No more rattling fence panels! Easily installed even for a non-DIY person like me! Thanks guys JOHN
                          Slugs Away Wool Pellets, 3L in 1colour
                          Slugs Away Wool Pellets, 3L
                            Consumer Verdict
                            My rose bush is again like new and flowering. Couldn’t be happier with result. Will defo order again. NICKY
                            Ceramic Ironing Board Cover
                              Consumer Verdict
                              Fitted my ironing board like a glove and cut down the time i spend ironing I will be recommending this to all my friends K. GITTS HERTS
                              Solar Trickle Battery Charger in 1colour
                              Solar Trickle Battery Charger
                                Consumer Verdict
                                This is brilliant. It takes all worry away about your battery going flat if you dont do a lot of mileage Maggie
                                Stainless Steel Tube Squeezer in 1colour
                                Stainless Steel Tube Squeezer
                                  Consumer Verdict
                                  Better than the flimsier plastic ones I have and deals with really big tubes PAUL
                                  TheraCrampes Spray in 1colour
                                  TheraCrampes Spray
                                    Consumer Verdict
                                    As a dialysis patient I regularly suffer from crippling cramps during and after treatment and even medication does not help. But just a few sprays of TheraCrampes and the pain has gone almost instantly. It is truly marvellous FREYJA
                                    Toilet Paper Holder and Store
                                      Consumer Verdict
                                      This holds the toilet roll at just the right height. Sturdy base means it wont fall over. Looks great in my bathroom very satisfied K.H.
                                      Silent Roar Cat Deterrent - 500g in 1colour
                                      Silent Roar Cat Deterrent - 500g
                                        Web Expert Verdict
                                        We believe that Silent Roar is the ultimate weapon... Will peaceably scare off cats DEREK CONWAY CATS PROTECTION LEAGUE
                                        Dry Clean Carpet Powder - 2 x 600g packs in Cotton Fresh
                                        Dry Clean Carpet Powder - 2 x 600g packs
                                        Consumer Verdict
                                        The most efficient and cost-effective carpet cleaner I have found G. ONEILL RUISLIP
                                        Dual USB and AC Plug Adaptor
                                          Consumer Verdict
                                          A real find. Good output on the 2 USBs charges my iPhone in double quick time. Well made and not too obtrusive P.M.D. NAVIN
                                          Diamond Light Pond Protector in 1colour
                                          Diamond Light Pond Protector
                                            Consumer Verdict
                                            Seems to have done the trick so far no herons. CAMELEON