Slugs Away Wool Pellets, 3L in 1colour
Slugs Away Wool Pellets, 3L
    Consumer Verdict
    My rose bush is again like new and flowering. Couldn’t be happier with result. Will defo order again. NICKY
    Mattress Clean in 1colour
    Mattress Clean
      Web Panel Verdict
      Best-ever formulations with our 5-star approval
      Folding Laundry Basket in 1colour
      Folding Laundry Basket
        Consumer Verdict
        I love the design of this basket a real space saver. Its well made Ive been using this for some months now with no sign of wear and tear. JANE
        WC Powder Twin Pack in 1colour
        WC Powder Twin Pack
          Consumer Verdict
          Effective WC cleaner ideal for a deep clean HAZEL LUSCOMBE
          Silent Roar Cat Deterrent - 500g in 1colour
          Silent Roar Cat Deterrent - 500g
            Web Expert Verdict
            We believe that Silent Roar is the ultimate weapon... Will peaceably scare off cats DEREK CONWAY CATS PROTECTION LEAGUE
            Cool Drop Toilet Deodoriser Odour Blocker - 3 bottles
              Consumer Verdict
              Great product! Works wonders NEIL
              Multi-Cutter Tool in 1colour
              Multi-Cutter Tool
                Consumer Verdict
                Very lightweight. Easy to use cuts good as well KAITLYN B.
                Orthotic Insoles - Pair in Large
                Orthotic Insoles - Pair
                Consumer Verdict
                I put them in my shoes less strain helped my Plantar Fasciitis wore them for several hours have relief Jane
                Diamond Light Pond Protector in 1colour
                Diamond Light Pond Protector
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Seems to have done the trick so far no herons. CAMELEON
                  Neostar© Oscillating Ceramic Heater in 1colour
                  Neostar© Oscillating Ceramic Heater
                    Consumer Verdict
                    Very efficient in heat production... they have a wide angle of distribution of heat very silent running the controls are simple to use ALAN
                    Solar Pest Repeller

                    Solar Pest Repeller


                      Consumer Verdict
                      A neighbours cat was forever leaving little presents at the front bit of lawn. From day one of putting this cat scarer out there we have never had another visit from that cat MICHELLE
                      Air Pump Drain Blaster
                        Consumer Verdict
                        It is brilliant I used several bottles of drain unblocker that didnt clear the problem a few blasts of this and problem solved... Would confidently recommend. DAVID T.
                        Fix-a-Fence - Pack of 20 in 1colour
                        Fix-a-Fence - Pack of 20
                          Consumer Verdict
                          Does exactly what it claims to do. No more rattling fence panels! Easily installed even for a non-DIY person like me! Thanks guys JOHN
                          Sonic Jewellery Cleaner
                            Consumer Verdict
                            Bought on a whim for cleaning my wifes jewellery but I have since used it for loads of things: an old clogged fountain pen is good as new & my watches are gleaming - its an amazing little thing RON
                            Solar Trickle Battery Charger in 1colour
                            Solar Trickle Battery Charger
                              Consumer Verdict
                              This is brilliant. It takes all worry away about your battery going flat if you dont do a lot of mileage Maggie
                              TheraCrampes Spray in 1colour
                              TheraCrampes Spray
                                Consumer Verdict
                                As a dialysis patient I regularly suffer from crippling cramps during and after treatment and even medication does not help. But just a few sprays of TheraCrampes and the pain has gone almost instantly. It is truly marvellous FREYJA
                                Sonic Denture Cleaner
                                  Consumer Verdict
                                  Impressive product. Easy to use and made quite a reasonable job of cleaning my old dentures. ALAN
                                  Bergman® Gas Free Electric Weed Burner 5M in 1colour
                                  Bergman® Gas Free Electric Weed Burner 5M
                                    Consumer Verdict
                                    Its super lightweight Im not dependent on the old gas flame version and works with ease RUBEN
                                    Spear & Jackson Ratchet Secateurs in 1colour
                                    Spear & Jackson Ratchet Secateurs
                                      Consumer Verdict
                                      The rolling grip on the handle saves effort and avoids damage to joints and ligaments when pruning. Sharp and long-lasting blade will cut most branches. RONALD
                                      Ewbank Evolution3 Adjustable Floor Cleaner and Carpet Sweeper
                                        Consumer Verdict
                                        So much easier to give a quick zip around with this lightweight carpet sweeper than hauling out the heavy vacuum cleaner M. DAVIS
                                        Microwave Steam Clean Wipes - Pack of 2
                                          Consumer Verdict
                                          Really like this product. Is very easy to use and it does what it says SABINA
                                          Safety Ladder
                                          Consumer Verdict
                                          These step ladders are excellent value for money. They are really sturdy and the tread has a non-slip rubber coating. Very useful rails for easy of getting up and down them Julie Johnson
                                          Mug Carrier in Petrol Blue
                                          Mug Carrier
                                          Consumer Verdict
                                          I can put items I need on my rollator add hot drink bottle of water biscuits etc even my mobile and do just one trip. Gives me independence and confidence C. KELLY