Battery-Operated Automatic Nail Trimmer
    Consumer Verdict
    I have always had problems keeping the nails on my right hand in neat trim being right handed This device does it so easily neatly and cleanly my toe nails are a doddle as well ROGER
    Mug Carrier in Petrol Blue
    Mug Carrier
    Consumer Verdict
    I can put items I need on my rollator add hot drink bottle of water biscuits etc even my mobile and do just one trip. Gives me independence and confidence C. KELLY
    Ultimate Grip Kit
      Web Panel Verdict
      Having limited dexterity and/or weak grip can restrict the type of containers you can open. This ultimate grip kit will help you open multiple containers with ease
      Medica Unisex Orthopaedic Shoes
      Consumer Verdict
      The stretchy material is great for my sore feet its like wearing a cushion! J. PREDDY
      Easy Reach Body Brush
        Consumer Verdict
        Brilliant especially if you are a little stiff in the joints just what I needed to help me when showering it exfoliates the skin leaving me feeling clean and fresh DORA FAY
        Electronic Manicure and Pedicure Set
          Consumer Verdict
          5 stars My one regret is that Ive waited so long before making this purchase offers all of the features of a salon quality manicure at home or on the go NADIA
          Get Up and Go Walking Stick Cane in 1colour
            Consumer Verdict
            Love this cane. I feel so safe with this cane and the fact that it folds is great CAROL ANN
            Long Handled Lotion Applicator
              Stretch-To-Fit Ladies Shoes
                Two Handled Mug in 1colour
                Two Handled Mug
                  Outdoor Grab Bar in 1colour
                  Outdoor Grab Bar
                    In-Growing Toenail Clippers
                      Consumer Verdict
                      Always had trouble with in-growing toenails on my big toes... these clippers handled well I have not had any trouble since J. D. H.
                      Long Reach Toenail Scissors
                        Car Support Bar in 1colour
                        Car Support Bar