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Spotting Scope in 1colour
Spotting Scope
    Web Panel Verdict
    Perfect for long-distance observing like nature watching. The tripod keeps it steady when zooming in on distant objects
    WiFi Full HD Microscope in 1colour
    WiFi Full HD Microscope
      Web Panel Verdict
      A versatile microscope with wide range of applications including exploring the micro world of nature and stamp coin or jewellery inspections
      Technaxx Monocular in 1colour
      Technaxx Monocular
        Consumer Verdict
        Works as described. Great for travelling as it is small and handy H. J.
        Wake Up Light with FM Radio and Clock in 1colour
        Wake Up Light with FM Radio and Clock
          Consumer Verdict
          I really like the design of the alarm clock easy to set Massively improved my mornings JACK
          Sleeping Aid with Light in 1colour
          Sleeping Aid with Light
            Consumer Verdict
            Very useful and easy to use and very calming and relaxing LINDA
            Large Number Vibrating Alarm Clock in 1colour
            Large Number Vibrating Alarm Clock
              Consumer Verdict
              This was bought for my mum. She is deaf when not wearing aids. This helps waking her up in the morning EMMA
              Vintage Style Portable Radio in 1colour
              Vintage Style Portable Radio
                Consumer Verdict
                Really well made product good value of money the mains operating/charging facility coupled with a further battery options adds flexibility sound quality and volume is very good ANON
                Compact Bluetooth Soundbar with Optical Input in 1colour
                Compact Bluetooth Soundbar with Optical Input
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Excellent value soundbar works perfectly in a small living room MR A. HARRIS
                  GPO Giant Portable Brooklyn Ghetto Blaster Music System in Silver
                  GPO Giant Portable Brooklyn Ghetto Blaster Music System
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Bought this for my husband and he loves it. Looks like its from the 80s but totally up to date with Bluetooth. He loves the cassette player CD and radio and the sound out of it is amazing DONNA DAVISON
                  Sand Painting LED Table Lamp in 1colour
                  Sand Painting LED Table Lamp
                    Consumer Verdict
                    Amazing! Relaxing to watch TARASENKO
                    Personal CD Player with Radio in Black
                    Personal CD Player with Radio
                    Consumer Verdict
                    It is a nice little machine it is very easy to use and works well MAXIENUNU
                    Vision Daylight Table Lamp in Black
                    Vision Daylight Table Lamp
                      Consumer Verdict
                      An excellent light for reading especially for those people whose eyesight is not what it was K. JACKSON
                      Technaxx 5-in-1 Music System in 1colour
                      Technaxx 5-in-1 Music System
                        Consumer Verdict
                        Great little unit great sound and great for the price RICHARD
                        AM/FM/LW Sports Radio in 1colour
                        AM/FM/LW Sports Radio
                          Consumer Verdict
                          Nice and small but good sounds well happy CHRISTOPHER M.
                          Retro Radio Cassette Player in 1colour
                          Retro Radio Cassette Player
                            Consumer Verdict
                            Compact and easy to use. I bought this radio because I wanted to listen to the good old cassette tapes. Im happy that I can listen to the tapes again ELAINE ANSCOMBE
                            Personal Cassette Player and Recorder With Radio in 1colour
                            Personal Cassette Player and Recorder With Radio
                              Consumer Verdict
                              I wanted a cassette player solely to listen to my numerous Spanish Language cassettes which I have had in storage for a long time. This piece of kit is spot on and plays the cassettes as if they were brand new with no loss of sound quality. DAVID SYMON
                              Swan Retro DAB Radio in Blue
                              Swan Retro DAB Radio
                              Consumer Verdict
                              Perfect size. Great sound quality. Lovely retro look MAURA
                              Amplified Wireless Headphones in 1colour
                              Amplified Wireless Headphones
                                Consumer Verdict
                                Good product. Easy to use Will
                                Wired Over-Ear Headphones in 1colour
                                Wired Over-Ear Headphones
                                  Consumer Verdict
                                  Very pleased with them - they have an in-line volume control which is very effective; and are comfortable to wear - not too heavy either M. POTTER
                                  3-in-1 Smart Light in 1colour
                                  3-in-1 Smart Light
                                    Consumer Verdict
                                    Really useful handy Light. A must when I go fishing Steve M.
                                    NiteSafe Dual Security Light in 1colour
                                    NiteSafe Dual Security Light
                                      Consumer Verdict
                                      Put this light in our back garden near the door works great. The motion detecter is really good S.J.W.
                                      Mini LED Keyring Torch in 1colour
                                      Mini LED Keyring Torch
                                        Consumer Verdict
                                        Gives a nice wide angle of bright light NIK A.