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Digital Tyre Inflator
    Consumer Verdict
    Extremely easy to use. Much more convenient than other pumps that require fiddling about with cigarette lighter socket etc. It worked very well in inflating car tyres as well as bicycle tyres MR M. BHAM
    20000mAh Powerbank in BLACK
    20000mAh Powerbank
    Consumer Verdict
    I go through countless powerbanks the performance for usual powerbanks is not long lasting - on this occasion I am very pleased with the quality of this product and would recommend. SHIPU
    Sonic Jewellery Cleaner
      Consumer Verdict
      Bought on a whim for cleaning my wifes jewellery but I have since used it for loads of things: an old clogged fountain pen is good as new & my watches are gleaming - its an amazing little thing RON
      9:1 Multi-Function Pen Tool in 1colour
      9:1 Multi-Function Pen Tool
        Consumer Verdict
        Got this for my hubby for Fathers Day from the kids. Great little item he thought it was cool and very useful. N. M. B.
        Radio-controlled Alarm Clock
          3-in-1 Battery, Solar and Hand Crank Radio in 1colour
          3-in-1 Battery, Solar and Hand Crank Radio
            Web Panel Verdict
            With so many useful and vital functions, this versatile radio is the one item you should always take with you.
            Solar Window Thermometer
              Consumer Verdict
              This product is really good... very handy to have it on the outside of the window as it is easy to see F. ARTHURS HIGH PEAK
              Boombox CD Player with Cassette & FM Radio
                Consumer Verdict
                Nice compact size CD/Radio Tape player. Can listen to tapes again that not heard for ages VAL MANSFIED
                Dual USB and AC Plug Adaptor
                  Consumer Verdict
                  A real find. Good output on the 2 USBs charges my iPhone in double quick time. Well made and not too obtrusive P.M.D. NAVIN
                  Tower Surge Multi Socket
                    Consumer Verdict
                    Excellent product... The tower design means ease of use as our sockets are behind the TV and not easy to access G. OWEN
                    Full HD Digital Camera Binoculars
                      Consumer Verdict
                      So glad to have got a pair and relatively easy to get started. The pictures have been clear and precise they are also very lightweight to hold for long periods TONY WILLIAMS
                      Microwave Leak Detector
                        Consumer Verdict
                        It detected leaks where we expected it to. Replaced 20-year-old microwave now DOUG
                        Illuminated Dome Magnifier in SILVER
                        Illuminated Dome Magnifier
                          Consumer Verdict
                          It is made so well. I bought it for my 93 year old father who does not see very well but he still keeps up with his bank statements and other documents. KIM H.
                          Audio Amplifier with Wireless Charging in 1colour
                          Audio Amplifier with Wireless Charging
                            Consumer Verdict
                            Mine arrived yesterday and its already made a huge difference I can hear what people are saying on the phone loud and clear. Being 68 its improved using the phone. Amazing will buy again for my family. Highly recommend. GOLDGIRL123
                            Bluetooth Headset with FM Radio in 1colour
                            Bluetooth Headset with FM Radio
                              Consumer Verdict
                              This headset was very easy to set up and use. They are very soft and comfortable to wear. I like that I can use them outside while working in the yard shoveling snow as well as anywhere in the house. ANNIE
                              5-in-1 High Vision LED Light in White
                              5-in-1 High Vision LED Light
                              Consumer Verdict
                              Im really pleased with this light not only is it great for reading I can literally take it anywhere! MAUREEN MORRIS
                              Jumbo Digital Alarm Clock
                              Consumer Verdict
                              A large format LCD clock. Display is clear with large figures S.L.
                              Squeeze Charge Dynamo Torch
                                Consumer Verdict
                                This is a nice dinky size torch great for having as a just in case when you travel to faraway places fits easily into a handbag or pocket HANDYANDY
                                Mini LED Keyring Torch
                                  Consumer Verdict
                                  Gives a nice wide angle of bright light NIK A.
                                  Magnifying Floor Lamp
                                    Consumer Verdict
                                    The light is useful when the room you are in is lit from behind so it doesnt cast a shadow. It is flexible and easy to adjust. The magnifier helps when doing needlework SHANNON H.
                                    Plug & Play HD Dash Cam
                                      Consumer Verdict
                                      Straightforward and easy to install. Ongoing use has been easy and it is also super easy to disconnect when not in use. Gives good peace of mind MONTANC