Oval Donut Pressure Relief Cushion
    Consumer Verdict
    Very good at relieving pain in my sitting bones. Very good price too M. P. ANDERTON BATES
    Ultimate Body Support Pillow in 1colour
    Ultimate Body Support Pillow
      Web Panel Verdict
      A supremely supportive pillow that allows you to position yourself comfortably ready to drift off into sleep.
      Prostate Gold Capsules - Pack of 60
        Consumer Verdict
        Very good product can feel the difference already. would highly recommend! GEOFF
        Kegel Exercise Ring
          Consumer Verdict
          An easy device to use you can do it any time you have a free moment and easy to store away PAPILLON
          Sonic Toothpick
            Consumer Verdict
            I have sensitive teeth. There was no pain using this. Slowly works away stubborn stains around the gum line LEA
            Battery-Operated Automatic Nail Trimmer
              Consumer Verdict
              I have always had problems keeping the nails on my right hand in neat trim being right handed This device does it so easily neatly and cleanly my toe nails are a doddle as well ROGER
              Professional Foot File in 1colour
              Professional Foot File
                Consumer Verdict
                Totally transformed my feet. Absolutely amazing and unlike any other file I have ever bought this one really does leave you with baby-soft feet. WENDY
                TheraCrampes Spray
                  Consumer Verdict
                  As a dialysis patient I regularly suffer from crippling cramps during and after treatment and even medication does not help. But just a few sprays of TheraCrampes and the pain has gone almost instantly. It is truly marvellous FREYJA
                  Sonic Jewellery Cleaner
                    Consumer Verdict
                    Bought on a whim for cleaning my wifes jewellery but I have since used it for loads of things: an old clogged fountain pen is good as new & my watches are gleaming - its an amazing little thing RON
                    Open Knee Support
                      Magnetic Compression Gloves
                      Consumer Verdict
                      Bought as gift for sister-in-law who suffers from arthritis particularly in her hands. It has helped her mobility after wearing them at night TED
                      Magnetic Knee Therapy
                        Consumer Verdict
                        I bought these for my wife who suffers from osteoarthritis she says they have really helped her while out walking TOM
                        Organic Ricepure Capsules
                        Consumer Verdict
                        I went back to the doctors for some tests after about a month of taking [Ricepure] and my cholesterol had dropped from 7.1 to 5.2! JOHN PARR ROCK ARTIST
                        Greens Organic Prebiotic Fibre Inulin Powder
                        Web Expert Verdict
                        A daily dose of Inulin can really help to improve your health and lower the risk of major conditions could mean the difference between life and premature death DR A. PALACIOS LEADING HEALTH EXPERT
                        Tri-Lens Pocket Magnifier
                          Consumer Verdict
                          The magnifier is ideal to slip in your pocket bag or even purse. So handy and very very good ROY C.
                          Nail Strengthening Treatment in 1colour
                          Nail Strengthening Treatment
                            Consumer Verdict
                            I love this product. It gives nails a lovely natural shine and my brittle nails are becoming healthier. JMG
                            Illuminated Dome Magnifier in SILVER
                            Illuminated Dome Magnifier
                              Consumer Verdict
                              It is made so well. I bought it for my 93 year old father who does not see very well but he still keeps up with his bank statements and other documents. KIM H.
                              Silicon Thumb Support - Pair
                                Consumer Verdict
                                They are great would recommend them to anyone with hand/wrist problems MRS JONES
                                Proto-Col Eye Lift Serum
                                  Consumer Verdict
                                  As a 76-year-old lady Ive certainly got a few lines and wrinkles. This product literally took 10 years off me immediately a massive winner! JEAN G.
                                  Tweeze Deluxe Facial Hair Remover with LED Light
                                    Consumer Verdict
                                    I cant believe I havent tried this sooner! I bought it for upper lip use specifically and Ill never go back to waxing. In about a minute all my fuzz was gone. It couldnt be easier and didnt hurt much at all S. HANSEN
                                    In-Growing Toenail Clippers
                                      Consumer Verdict
                                      Always had trouble with in-growing toenails on my big toes... these clippers handled well I have not had any trouble since J. D. H.