Mobility and VAT Free Kitchen

Egg Cups with Suction Base in 1colour
Egg Cups with Suction Base
    Derby Perching Stool in 1colour
    Derby Perching Stool
      Mug Carrier in Wet Rock Black
      Mug Carrier
      Consumer Verdict
      I can put items I need on my rollator add hot drink bottle of water biscuits etc even my mobile and do just one trip. Gives me independence and confidence C. KELLY
      One Handed Tray in 1colour
      One Handed Tray
        Proto-col Green Magic Powder Super Food Supplement - 180g in 1colour
        Proto-col Green Magic Powder Super Food Supplement - 180g
          Consumer Verdict
          5 stars I cannot live without this stuff it truly is magic. I feel alive and energised when I take it and very tired when I dont I honestly have never felt better since taking this product. I will never be without it CAROL
          Stainless Steel Tube Squeezer in 1colour
          Stainless Steel Tube Squeezer
            Consumer Verdict
            Better than the flimsier plastic ones I have and deals with really big tubes PAUL
            Two Handled Mug in 1colour
            Two Handled Mug
              Rope Timer in 1colour
              Rope Timer

              Rope Timer


                Whisk and Whipper - Set of 2 in 1colour
                Whisk and Whipper - Set of 2
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Great gadget easy to use if you want to make something quick with no fuss! SARAH
                  Liquid Level Indicator in 1colour
                  Liquid Level Indicator
                    Consumer Verdict
                    This is a game changer for my partially sighted mum no more wet worktops and so much safer for her BOMBAH
                    Buffet Forks - Set of 8 in 1colour
                    Buffet Forks - Set of 8
                      Ultimate Grip Kit in 1colour
                      Ultimate Grip Kit
                        Web Panel Verdict
                        Having limited dexterity and/or weak grip can restrict the type of containers you can open. This ultimate grip kit will help you open multiple containers with ease
                        Lock & Lift Can Opener in 1colour
                        Lock & Lift Can Opener
                          Consumer Verdict
                          With just a few smooth turns we took lids right off easily and cleanly can after can no death grip or strong cranking needed TRACY SAELINGER
                          Twist Vegetable Chopper in 1colour
                          Twist Vegetable Chopper
                            Consumer Verdict
                            Easy to use when in a hurry and do not want to use a knife A. KARAFOTIS