Greens Organic Prebiotic Fibre Inulin Powder


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A daily dose of Inulin can really help to improve your health and lower the risk of major conditions could mean the difference between life and premature death DR A. PALACIOS LEADING HEALTH EXPERT
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  • Recommended by health experts to aid digestion, increase fat metabolism and improve sleep
  • 100% natural and non-GMO algave inulin
  • Fat free and high in soluble dietary fibre
  • Suitable for vegans and free from gluten, glucose or lactose
  • Certified organic by the Soil Association
  • 5g of Inulin also provides approx 4.5g of fibre
  • Available in 250g or 500g
  • Please note- We can not accept returns on supplements for health and hygiene reasons. This does not affect your statutory rights


Health experts recommend Inulin to help combat the health risks caused by visceral fat. This fat surrounds our internal organs, and high levels can severely increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and dementia. The main outward sign of a problem is some visible fat around your stomach and hips, but even people who don't feel overweight can be at serious risk.

In the BBC's health series 'How To Stay Young', presenter Angela Rippon was shocked to learn that she herself had high levels of visceral fat, and relieved to learn that there's an easy, natural solution. Inulin is a fibre proven to promote the loss of visceral fat by increasing fat metabolism, and although it's found naturally in foods like lentils, wheat and chicory root, these foods would have to be eaten in absolutely massive quantities to be of any benefit. Recommended by experts, Greens Organic Inulin Powder is the easy way to add this natural and nutritious fibre to your diet, simply by adding to drinks or sprinkling over food.

A recent study featured on the BBC's 'The Truth about Sleep' programme also highlighted how prebiotic dietary fibre can improve our sleep by improving our digestive health. Shortage of sleep can make us more vulnerable to infections, as well as increasing cravings for sugary and fatty food.

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