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Heat-Reflective Radiator Foil in 1colour
    Consumer Verdict
    We live in an old stone barn conversion with no insulation and exposed stone walls. This has made a good bit of difference Keeping a weekly note of meter readings and we are definitely using less gas P.V. BARCLAY-GEORGE
    Dry Air Car Dehumidifier Bags - Set of 2 in 1colour
    Dry Air Car Dehumidifier Bags - Set of 2
      Consumer Verdict
      Started to see instant results. Especially good when we have had a lot of heavy rain K.R.
      Polar Bear Faux Fur Blanket in 1colour
      Polar Bear Faux Fur Blanket
        Consumer Verdict
        Good quality and very soft. Would highly recommend NIKKI
        Neostar® Cree Flashlight in 1colour
        Neostar® Cree Flashlight
          Consumer Verdict
          Excellent really bright SARAH POWIS
          Personal Plug-in Ceramic Heater in 1colour
          Personal Plug-in Ceramic Heater
            Consumer Verdict
            A friend recommended this heater for a small space. I tried hers first and was very pleased with the heat from it. I have purchased one to use in my kitchen in the winter to try save putting gas central heating on LYNDY
            3-in-1 Smart Light in 1colour
            3-in-1 Smart Light
              Consumer Verdict
              Really useful handy Light. A must when I go fishing Steve M.
              Solar Window Thermometer in 1colour
              Solar Window Thermometer
                Consumer Verdict
                This product is really good... very handy to have it on the outside of the window as it is easy to see F. ARTHURS HIGH PEAK
                Portable Chair Desk in 1colour
                Portable Chair Desk
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Gift for my sister and she loved it it works great for what she needs and would highly recommend the product BRENDA
                  Electric Hot Water Bottle in Grey
                  Electric Hot Water Bottle
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Easy to use. Holds its heat well. Bought for my elderly mother & it is ideal to keep her warm. No danger of burning yourself with boiling water DEBBIE WRIGHT
                  Smartlite Radio Controlled Alarm Clock in 1colour
                  Smartlite Radio Controlled Alarm Clock
                    Consumer Verdict
                    This is the 3rd clock of this type Ive bought for members of the family. The radio controlled feature ensures perfect timekeeping BENJAMIN
                    Neostar© Oscillating Ceramic Heater in 1colour
                    Neostar© Oscillating Ceramic Heater
                      Consumer Verdict
                      Very efficient in heat production... they have a wide angle of distribution of heat very silent running the controls are simple to use ALAN
                      Sand Painting LED Table Lamp in 1colour
                      Sand Painting LED Table Lamp
                        Consumer Verdict
                        Amazing! Relaxing to watch TARASENKO
                        Set of 2 Tap Water Mats in 1colour
                        Set of 2 Tap Water Mats
                          Consumer Verdict
                          Works well at absorbing water. Good quality and keeps area dry T.A.
                          Stainless Steel Tube Squeezer in 1colour
                          Stainless Steel Tube Squeezer
                            Consumer Verdict
                            Better than the flimsier plastic ones I have and deals with really big tubes PAUL
                            Compression Sleep Leggings in 1colour
                            Compression Sleep Leggings
                              Consumer Verdict
                              I found them very helpful in calming my restless leg syndrome DAVID LLOYD
                              Adjustable Pivoting Side Table in 1colour
                              Adjustable Pivoting Side Table
                                Consumer Verdict
                                Very strong and stable enough for using with a laptop. All folds up nice and neat... MR N. JACOB
                                Set of 6 Clothes Covers in 1colour
                                Set of 6 Clothes Covers
                                  Consumer Verdict
                                  An excellent product which I would recommend to anyone CECILY
                                  Squeeze Charge Dynamo Torch in 1colour
                                  Squeeze Charge Dynamo Torch
                                    Consumer Verdict
                                    This is a nice dinky size torch great for having as a just in case when you travel to faraway places fits easily into a handbag or pocket HANDYANDY
                                    Rechargeable Smart Hand Warmer in 1colour
                                    Rechargeable Smart Hand Warmer
                                      Consumer Verdict
                                      Very great product to keep your hands warm during winter. It just fits your hands
                                      Mattress Clean in 1colour
                                      Mattress Clean
                                        Web Panel Verdict
                                        Best-ever formulations with our 5-star approval
                                        Easy Reach Body Brush in 1colour
                                        Easy Reach Body Brush
                                          Consumer Verdict
                                          Brilliant especially if you are a little stiff in the joints just what I needed to help me when showering it exfoliates the skin leaving me feeling clean and fresh DORA FAY
                                          NiteSafe Dual Security Light in 1colour
                                          NiteSafe Dual Security Light
                                            Consumer Verdict
                                            Put this light in our back garden near the door works great. The motion detecter is really good S.J.W.
                                            Ewbank Active 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner in 1colour
                                            Ewbank Active 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner
                                              Consumer Verdict
                                              Hi-performance lightweight corded vac. Great suction and very user-friendly. Top marks!