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Freeze-Lok Bags - Pack of 12 in 1colour
Freeze-Lok Bags - Pack of 12
    Consumer Verdict
    What a great idea. I use my bags every week when I do my shopping as they dont take up much space in my handbag. I also use them when defrosting my freezer (which takes about 3 hours) and my food is always kept frozen MS A. LEICS
    Non-Slip Bath and Shower Mats
    Consumer Verdict
    The bathmat has been a good purchase as its non-slip. I feel safe when Im showering as I am over 70 years of age. P. PEACH?
    Mattress Fresh Cleaner in 1colour
    Mattress Fresh Cleaner
      Consumer Verdict
      It works very well . Extremely pleased with it DEREK
      Cool Drop Toilet Deodoriser Odour Blocker - 3 bottles
        Consumer Verdict
        Great product! Works wonders NEIL
        Bamboo Towels
        Consumer Verdict
        These towels are quite amazing they are very soft but you only have to wrap them around you for the water to just be absorbed! I love them JANET AINSWORTH
        Mattress Clean in 1colour
        Mattress Clean
          Web Panel Verdict
          Best-ever formulations with our 5-star approval
          Ultimate Body Support Pillow in 1colour
          Ultimate Body Support Pillow
            Web Panel Verdict
            A supremely supportive pillow that allows you to position yourself comfortably ready to drift off into sleep.
            Ceramic Ironing Board Cover
              Consumer Verdict
              Fitted my ironing board like a glove and cut down the time i spend ironing I will be recommending this to all my friends K. GITTS HERTS
              Draught Buster Garage Door Seal in 2.44M
              Draught Buster Garage Door Seal
              Consumer Verdict
              A very good product that did exactly what I was hoping it would; finally stopping my garage from flooding! Took all of about 5 minutes to cut and install. The adhesive worked well and bonded brilliantly. I simply cant fault it very happy KARL
              5-in-1 High Vision LED Light
              Consumer Verdict
              Im really pleased with this light not only is it great for reading I can literally take it anywhere! MAUREEN MORRIS
              Dry Clean Carpet Powder - 2 x 600g packs in Cotton Fresh
              Dry Clean Carpet Powder - 2 x 600g packs
              Consumer Verdict
              The most efficient and cost-effective carpet cleaner I have found G. ONEILL RUISLIP
              Fruit Fly Traps - Set of 2
                Consumer Verdict
                Does a good job controlling fruit flies around the fruit bowl & food waste bin without being an eyesore LILY
                Home Expert Freezer Defrosting Spray- Pack of 2 in 1colour
                Home Expert Freezer Defrosting Spray- Pack of 2
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Worked like a charm for my overly iced freezer! I certainly would buy this product again ANGELA
                  Stainless Steel Tube Squeezer in 1colour
                  Stainless Steel Tube Squeezer
                    Consumer Verdict
                    Better than the flimsier plastic ones I have and deals with really big tubes PAUL
                    Toilet Paper Holder and Store
                      Consumer Verdict
                      This holds the toilet roll at just the right height. Sturdy base means it wont fall over. Looks great in my bathroom very satisfied K.H.
                      Compression Sleep Leggings in 1colour
                      Compression Sleep Leggings
                        Consumer Verdict
                        I found them very helpful in calming my restless leg syndrome DAVID LLOYD
                        Ewbank Active 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner in 1colour
                        Ewbank Active 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner
                          Consumer Verdict
                          Hi-performance lightweight corded vac. Great suction and very user-friendly. Top marks!
                          Earthstone Bathmat
                          Consumer Verdict
                          Im really impressed with my new bath mat... it dries almost instantly like magic. Looks really smart too. Would definitely recommend! CLAIRE G.
                          Magnifying Floor Lamp
                            Consumer Verdict
                            The light is useful when the room you are in is lit from behind so it doesnt cast a shadow. It is flexible and easy to adjust. The magnifier helps when doing needlework SHANNON H.
                            QuickQuilt Duvet Sprays - Pack of 2
                              Consumer Verdict
                              Works really well in timescales advertised and very good value CAROLINE F.
                              Mug Carrier in Petrol Blue
                              Mug Carrier
                              Consumer Verdict
                              I can put items I need on my rollator add hot drink bottle of water biscuits etc even my mobile and do just one trip. Gives me independence and confidence C. KELLY
                              Safety Ladder
                              Consumer Verdict
                              These step ladders are excellent value for money. They are really sturdy and the tread has a non-slip rubber coating. Very useful rails for easy of getting up and down them Julie Johnson