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Cool Blue Air Flow Memory Foam 5-Zone Mattress Topper
Consumer Verdict
Bought this for my wife as joint pain was badly affecting her sleep. My wifes sleep has improved and she has said that the extra support offered by the topper has made a big and welcome difference. Well worth the money JACK DANTON
Sleep Spray
    Consumer Verdict
    Great for falling quickly into a pleasant sleep ROGER
    TheraCrampes Spray
      Consumer Verdict
      As a dialysis patient I regularly suffer from crippling cramps during and after treatment and even medication does not help. But just a few sprays of TheraCrampes and the pain has gone almost instantly. It is truly marvellous FREYJA
      Waterproof Microfibre Quilted Mattress Protector in Double
      Waterproof Microfibre Quilted Mattress Protector
      Consumer Verdict
      Great quality for complete protection for my bed and no rustling! M.B
      Weighted Blanket with Sherpa Fleece Reverse
      Web Press Verdict
      If you suffer from anxiety or interrupted sleep a weighted blanket could prove particularly useful many find that this kind of personal contact can significantly reduce the feelings of anxiety and related illnesses and thus enable a better nights slee
      Memory Foam Support Cushion
        Consumer Verdict
        Bought it for my wife who has just had a hip replacement and it is very good
        Organic Airways Pillow Spray
          Solusnore Lozenges
            Neostar® 3D Oscillating Circulation Fan
              Consumer Verdict
              A really quiet fan brilliant for the bedroom R.M.