10-Second Sofa Bed in BISCUIT
10-Second Sofa Bed
Web Panel Verdict
Arguably one of the most luxurious sofa beds available today transforming from stylish sofa to comfortable bed
Mahogany Bureau in 1colour
Mahogany Bureau
    Consumer Verdict
    This is a lovely piece of practical furniture and has really improved the look of my living room MR S. BUTLER
    Round Mahogany Tea Table
      Consumer Verdict
      Beautiful addition to our living space great workmanship well crafted sturdy and a finished product to display SHAWN
      Luxury Executive Office Chair in Black
      Luxury Executive Office Chair
      Consumer Verdict
      Looks superb and is extremely comfortable TREVOR
      Polywood Garden Chair in Duck Egg
      Polywood Garden Chair
      Consumer Verdict
      Very comfortable and great quality JOAN
      Rose Bistro Set - Grey
        Consumer Verdict
        Impressed looking forward to using it when weather permits PETER
        Magazine Storage Table
          Consumer Verdict
          Got this table for my husband and its the best thing I have ever got him! It holds his pills remote controls and dictionaries! MRS BUTCHER WAPPING
          Adjustable Pivoting Side Table
            Consumer Verdict
            Very strong and stable enough for using with a laptop. All folds up nice and neat... MR N. JACOB
            Antiquax Leather Furniture Cream in 1colour
            Antiquax Leather Furniture Cream
              Consumer Verdict
              Have been using this cream for years to keep the moisture in our 3 piece suite. Highly recommended H.K.
              Antiquax Original Furniture Wax Polish - 250ml in 1colour
              Antiquax Original Furniture Wax Polish - 250ml
                Consumer Verdict
                Im using this for my wood furniture including several antiques. It is very moist and goes on easily and smoothly. It doesnt take a lot of elbow grease to get a shine on the furniture. I have no reservations about the product CRIN
                Portable Chair Desk in 1colour
                Portable Chair Desk
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Gift for my sister and she loved it it works great for what she needs and would highly recommend the product BRENDA