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10-Second Sofa Bed in BISCUIT
10-Second Sofa Bed
Web Panel Verdict
Arguably one of the most luxurious sofa beds available today transforming from stylish sofa to comfortable bed
Mahogany Bureau in 1colour
Mahogany Bureau
    Consumer Verdict
    This is a lovely piece of practical furniture and has really improved the look of my living room MR S. BUTLER
    Luxury Fire Suite with Mood Lighting in 1colour
    Luxury Fire Suite with Mood Lighting
      Consumer Verdict
      Its a beautiful fire everyone loves the lights and the fire itself is very warm and welcoming just love it GAYNOR CROWLEY
      Round Mahogany Tea Table in 1colour
      Round Mahogany Tea Table
        Consumer Verdict
        Beautiful addition to our living space great workmanship well crafted sturdy and a finished product to display SHAWN
        Luxury Executive Office Chair in Black
        Luxury Executive Office Chair
        Consumer Verdict
        Looks superb and is extremely comfortable TREVOR
        Compact Dining Set in 1colour
        Compact Dining Set
          Consumer Verdict
          Great little table and chairs just the right size for a small space and easy to put together TIMOTHY
          Thermomaster Kitchen Robot in 1colour
          Thermomaster Kitchen Robot
            Consumer Verdict
            Its like having my own kitchen assistant! From chopping to cooking Im yet to find a task this amazing machine cant do and the built-in scale conveniently weighs my ingredients whilst keeping the worktop spotless. Love it! LYNETTE CHRISTY
            Polywood Garden Chair in Duck Egg
            Polywood Garden Chair
            Consumer Verdict
            Very comfortable and great quality JOAN
            Natural Bamboo 13.5 Tog Duvet and Duvet Cover in King
            Natural Bamboo 13.5 Tog Duvet and Duvet Cover
            Consumer Verdict
            I wanted new bedding to help my body breathe (body temperature thing) and I looked at natural solutions This is lovely it doesnt bunch and is very comfortable. Warmth and usability are top class so too is breathability SARI
            Omni Cooker in Blue Haze
            Omni Cooker

            Omni Cooker


            Consumer Verdict
            Great cooker with non-toxic coating which was no brainer when choosing the one. Super fast heating plus all the different cooking methods to choose from. Its so convenient its pretty much replaced my kitchen cooking hob ALGIRDAS S.
            Steam Air Fryer in 1colour
            Steam Air Fryer
              Consumer Verdict
              Im over the moon with my purchase! Not only does it make the crispiest fries and perfectly steamed veggies and fishes but its also incredibly versatile. Super easy to use and the cleaning is a breeze too. If youre looking for a top-notch air fryer this is the one to get! 10/10 recommend! FRANCES T.
              Tower 5-in-1 Air Fryer Oven in 1colour
              Tower 5-in-1 Air Fryer Oven
                Consumer Verdict
                I love this air fryer. Easy to clean and use. I made a chicken in the rotisserie it took 40 minutes was crisp and juicy. My roasties turned out beautifully too KELLIE
                Oil Filled Radiator in 2.5 kW
                Oil Filled Radiator
                Consumer Verdict
                Lets off a lot of heat. Warms up the room in about 20/30 minutes LISA
                Rose Bistro Set - Grey in 1colour
                Rose Bistro Set - Grey
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Impressed looking forward to using it when weather permits PETER
                  Extra Deep Deluxe Feather Mattress Topper in King
                  Extra Deep Deluxe Feather Mattress Topper
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Has made a big difference so comfortable and sleeping much better DR. MICHAEL
                  Magazine Storage Table in MAHAGONY
                  Magazine Storage Table
                    Consumer Verdict
                    Got this table for my husband and its the best thing I have ever got him! It holds his pills remote controls and dictionaries! MRS BUTCHER WAPPING