Folding TraveLite Wheelchair with bag
    Consumer Verdict
    Very good for people who have limited mobility wishing to go for walks with others but unable to walk for long distances M. Clark
    Magnetic Patella Support - Pack of 2
      Consumer Verdict
      Helps the pain and assists me with walking better. Would recommend to others PETER
      Magnifying Floor Lamp
        Consumer Verdict
        The light is useful when the room you are in is lit from behind so it doesnt cast a shadow. It is flexible and easy to adjust. The magnifier helps when doing needlework SHANNON H.
        Outdoor Grab Bar in 1colour
        Outdoor Grab Bar
          Roll Up Aluminium Ramp in 1colour
          Roll Up Aluminium Ramp
            Pantyhose Aid in 1colour
            Pantyhose Aid
              Sock Aid in 1colour
              Sock Aid

              Sock Aid


                Swivel Car Cushion in 1colour
                Swivel Car Cushion
                  Adult Car Seat Booster Cushion
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Because I am small I was always below the sun visor but this booster cushion lifts me up enough to shield my eyes with the visor yet because of the wedge shape it doesnt affect me using the pedals. Excellent product JUDITH
                  Bergman® Slimline Stepladder
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Its light its strong it slips into storage. LOVE it. Best household buy this year C.S.
                  Deluxe Adjustable Half Step
                    Consumer Verdict
                    Excellent. I wish wed bought one sooner. It would have been such a help to our elderly dog. As it is it is so much easier for us to go in and out of the back door with a smaller step down DIANA
                    Rope Timer

                    Rope Timer


                      Pill Popper in 1colour
                      Pill Popper
                        Slow Feeder Pet Bowl
                          RSPCA Wee-Away Stain and Odour Remover - 2 x 500ml
                            Consumer Verdict
                            Amazing product. Stops the repeat visits and has helped with crate training. Happily recommend this to new puppy owners or any dog owner EMMA J.
                            Storm Force Extra Strong Clothes Pegs - Pack of 48
                              Consumer Verdict
                              I have always had trouble finding pegs to compete with the high winds we have... I have tried all sorts of pegs and they have been useless but at last i have found some so pleased EDDIE
                              Pocket Smart Key Holder
                              Consumer Verdict
                              I really love this smart key holder now dont have keys all over the place tangling SONYA
                              Two Handled Mug in 1colour
                              Two Handled Mug
                                Mug Carrier in Wet Rock Black
                                Mug Carrier
                                Consumer Verdict
                                I can put items I need on my rollator add hot drink bottle of water biscuits etc even my mobile and do just one trip. Gives me independence and confidence C. KELLY
                                Tabletop Ironing Mat