One Handed Tray in 1colour
One Handed Tray
    Cool Drop Toilet Deodoriser Odour Blocker - 3 bottles
      Consumer Verdict
      Great product! Works wonders NEIL
      Long Handled Lotion Applicator
        Dry Clean Carpet Powder - 2 x 600g packs in Cotton Fresh
        Dry Clean Carpet Powder - 2 x 600g packs
        Consumer Verdict
        The most efficient and cost-effective carpet cleaner I have found G. ONEILL RUISLIP
        Magnifying Floor Lamp
          Consumer Verdict
          The light is useful when the room you are in is lit from behind so it doesnt cast a shadow. It is flexible and easy to adjust. The magnifier helps when doing needlework SHANNON H.
          Good Posture Walking Cane in 1colour
          Good Posture Walking Cane
            Consumer Verdict
            Just that extra help to keep walking helps to be upright for longer MARIE
            2000 Flush Natural Loo Cleaners - Pack of 2 in 1colour
            2000 Flush Natural Loo Cleaners - Pack of 2
              Consumer Verdict
              I have purchased these before and think they are worth every penny JUNE
              Freestanding Walking Stick in Black
              Freestanding Walking Stick
              Consumer Verdict
              Find this cane has helped me a lot. I am using it to climb my stairs at home and will be easy to carry about with me GWENDOLYN
              Mug Carrier in Petrol Blue
              Mug Carrier
              Consumer Verdict
              I can put items I need on my rollator add hot drink bottle of water biscuits etc even my mobile and do just one trip. Gives me independence and confidence C. KELLY
              Swivel Car Cushion in 1colour
              Swivel Car Cushion
                Oval Donut Pressure Relief Cushion
                  Consumer Verdict
                  Very good at relieving pain in my sitting bones. Very good price too M. P. ANDERTON BATES
                  WC Powder Twin Pack in 1colour
                  WC Powder Twin Pack
                    Consumer Verdict
                    Effective WC cleaner ideal for a deep clean HAZEL LUSCOMBE
                    Deluxe Adjustable Half Step
                      Consumer Verdict
                      Excellent. I wish wed bought one sooner. It would have been such a help to our elderly dog. As it is it is so much easier for us to go in and out of the back door with a smaller step down DIANA
                      Open Knee Support
                        Adjustable Pivoting Side Table
                          Consumer Verdict
                          Very strong and stable enough for using with a laptop. All folds up nice and neat... MR N. JACOB
                          Arm Rest Organiser in 1colour
                          Arm Rest Organiser
                            Folding TraveLite Wheelchair with bag in 1colour
                            Folding TraveLite Wheelchair with bag
                              Consumer Verdict
                              Very good for people who have limited mobility wishing to go for walks with others but unable to walk for long distances M. Clark
                              Get Up and Go Walking Stick Cane in 1colour
                              Get Up and Go Walking Stick Cane
                                Consumer Verdict
                                Love this cane. I feel so safe with this cane and the fact that it folds is great CAROL ANN