Foot Scrubber Shower Mat
    Consumer Verdict
    This is a really nice foot scrubber. It feels great on the feet and really gets them feeling fresh and clean KATHRYN
    Get Up and Go Walking Stick Cane in 1colour
    Get Up and Go Walking Stick Cane
      Consumer Verdict
      Love this cane. I feel so safe with this cane and the fact that it folds is great CAROL ANN
      Lets Dream Indoor Rollator in 1colour
      Lets Dream Indoor Rollator
        Easy Reach Body Brush
          Consumer Verdict
          Brilliant especially if you are a little stiff in the joints just what I needed to help me when showering it exfoliates the skin leaving me feeling clean and fresh DORA FAY
          Foot Cleaning Brush Set in 1colour
          Foot Cleaning Brush Set
            Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat
              Portable Chair Desk
                Consumer Verdict
                Gift for my sister and she loved it it works great for what she needs and would highly recommend the product BRENDA
                Aidapt Inflatable Cushion
                  Arm Rest Organiser
                    Handi-Scoop Poop Scoop
                      Consumer Verdict
                      Great product for those who are disabled and cannot bend to pick up the dog poo. Keep your hands clean as the poo is in the bag D. Davis
                      Comfort Wheelchair Cushion in 1colour
                      Comfort Wheelchair Cushion
                        One Handed Tray in 1colour
                        One Handed Tray
                          Oval Donut Pressure Relief Cushion
                            Consumer Verdict
                            Very good at relieving pain in my sitting bones. Very good price too M. P. ANDERTON BATES
                            Seat Belt Reacher
                              Button and Zip Fastener in 1colour
                              Button and Zip Fastener
                                Extra-wide Stretch Floral Shoes
                                Consumer Verdict
                                Very pretty style and love the stretch panels. This is a really good idea and helps if my feet swell during the day MRS P.
                                Ladies Extra-wide Touch Trainers
                                Consumer Verdict
                                Good quality shoe lovely wide fit and easy to put on A. GEORGE
                                Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand in 1colour
                                Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand
                                  Adjustable Pivoting Side Table
                                    Consumer Verdict
                                    Very strong and stable enough for using with a laptop. All folds up nice and neat... MR N. JACOB
                                    Derby Perching Stool