Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve
Consumer Verdict
This sleeve has drastically improved my foot health CAMPBELL
Battery-Operated Automatic Nail Trimmer
    Consumer Verdict
    I have always had problems keeping the nails on my right hand in neat trim being right handed This device does it so easily neatly and cleanly my toe nails are a doddle as well ROGER
    Kegel Exercise Ring in 1colour
    Kegel Exercise Ring
      Consumer Verdict
      An easy device to use you can do it any time you have a free moment and easy to store away PAPILLON
      Stainless Steel Tube Squeezer in 1colour
      Stainless Steel Tube Squeezer
        Consumer Verdict
        Better than the flimsier plastic ones I have and deals with really big tubes PAUL
        Bath Stool with rotating Seat in 1colour
        Bath Stool with rotating Seat
          Folding Toilet Squat Stool in 1colour
          Folding Toilet Squat Stool
            Waterproof Bed Pad With Wings in 1colour
            Waterproof Bed Pad With Wings
              Medica Unisex Orthopaedic Shoes
              Consumer Verdict
              The stretchy material is great for my sore feet its like wearing a cushion! J. PREDDY
              60 Second Neck Toner in 1colour
              60 Second Neck Toner
                Consumer Verdict
                IT WORKS. I kid you not. My double chin vanished! Ive always had a chubby neck since childhood and I cant stand neck exercises. It was a dream come true! COR
                Bath Seat in 1colour
                Bath Seat

                Bath Seat


                  Extra-Wide Top Knee Highs - 2 Pairs in 1colour
                  Extra-Wide Top Knee Highs - 2 Pairs
                    Consumer Verdict
                    At last pop socks that dont strangle my shins! ADRIANA
                    Easy Reach Body Brush
                      Consumer Verdict
                      Brilliant especially if you are a little stiff in the joints just what I needed to help me when showering it exfoliates the skin leaving me feeling clean and fresh DORA FAY
                      Proto-Col Eye Lift Serum
                        Consumer Verdict
                        As a 76-year-old lady Ive certainly got a few lines and wrinkles. This product literally took 10 years off me immediately a massive winner! JEAN G.
                        Unisex Multi-Layer Gel Insoles
                          Consumer Verdict
                          Gambolling like a spring lamb after years of agony. Buy these and youll dance down the aisle in the supermarket! LES RILEY
                          Waterproof Bed Pad - Standard in 1colour
                          Waterproof Bed Pad - Standard
                            Miracure? Anti-Fungal Treatment in 1colour
                            Miracure? Anti-Fungal Treatment
                              Consumer Verdict
                              5 stars... It certainly is working on my husbands foot problem and so easy to apply HOOPSKI
                              Toenail Soft
                                Consumer Verdict
                                Does as it says. Soften the nails results show in a short time if used regularly MRS LINDA MC MARR
                                Waterproof Microfibre Quilted Mattress Protector in King
                                Waterproof Microfibre Quilted Mattress Protector
                                Consumer Verdict
                                Great quality for complete protection for my bed and no rustling! M.B
                                Foot Cleaning Brush Set in 1colour
                                Foot Cleaning Brush Set